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QHSE is the acronym for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment. This is a concept that helps bring new perspectives to businesses, with various benefits for the business and its employees.

It is a package of measures that companies need to adopt to ensure process improvement, employee integrity, and compliance with legal requirements.

There are numerous activities that take place in the workplace, and for each type of activity, the QHSE team is responsible for turning theory (procedures and instructions) into safe practices according to the activity developed. They ensure the physical health of employees, as well as a safe environment, free from injuries with constant concern for prevention.

The criticality of each task must always be taken into consideration. It is through this that the QHSE team establishes control measures, elaborating on a specific risk analysis, determining the type of PPE (personal protective equipment) suitable for a particular task, and even executing priority criteria in situations of conflicting or simultaneous activities.

CET LOGISTICS seeks its growth by following Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment standards. Learn about the pillars of our policy:


Promote customer satisfaction by seeking continuous improvement of processes, ensuring quality, responsibility for contractual commitments, and integrity with services provided.

Health and Safety

Comply with all guidelines defined in the applicable Regulatory Standards to CET LOGISTICS, propose temporary and permanent changes with planning to act with risk management to control impacts on business and operations, apply accident prevention measures, incidents, and non-conformance treatments to provide a safe work environment continuously.


Comply with current legislation relevant to the business, acting in accordance with environmental programs to control pollutant emissions, propose operations with a focus on prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts caused, control aspects and impacts, providing quality in the environment in which we operate.


Consciously comply with procedures, instructions, standards, and rules established by the company, customer requirements, partners, and suppliers, and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, to ensure that all our actions are guided by ethics.

People Valuation

Promote qualification and motivation of employees and other stakeholders for the continuous development of competencies so that they act with integrity and professionalism, making them aware of the importance of the results of their work and their responsibilities in providing services and QHSE issues.


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