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Carnival Ball

In the spirit of celebration and joy, CET hosted a lively internal carnival event that left everyone infected with the festive energy.

Carnival is a popular cultural festival that takes place in many parts of the world, being especially famous in Brazil. It is characterized by parades of blocks, samba schools, street parties, masquerades, and an atmosphere of joy and relaxation. It is an opportunity for people to have fun, express their creativity, and celebrate life.

During the event, which resembled an authentic carnival ball, employees had the opportunity to showcase their creativity and style through a fun costume competition. The prize? Nothing less than a basket full of irresistible treats, waiting to sweeten the winners' palates.

To the sound of traditional carnival tunes, our company came to life with a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, reflecting the spirit of this very Brazilian festivity. The elaborate decoration helped transform the environment and create a memorable experience for all attendees. In addition to games and dances, there was no shortage of gastronomic delights to complement the party.

A notable initiative was the adoption of sustainable practices, where each participant brought their own cup, helping to reduce our environmental impact and promote awareness of the importance of sustainability in our daily activities.

Our carnival was a true success, reinforcing our commitment to celebrating diversity, promoting well-being in the workplace, and, of course, valuing Brazilian culture.

May this carnival's energy and joy continue to inspire us throughout the year!


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