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CET Day, held on December 2, 2023, was a pivotal day for CET LOGISTICS. During the event, we explored topics relevant to the future of the company and the industry through lectures, talk shows, honors, and the special participation of philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé. The event also featured the participation of the three robots, playing a significant role by adding a technological and innovative dimension to the experience through audience interactions, award presentations, and entertainment moments, elevating the event's energy.

CEO Alex Antunes presented the company's vision for the future, emphasizing the importance of adaptation in the face of technological and social changes.

The event included tributes to employees who have contributed significantly to CET LOGISTICS' success over the years, recognizing their dedication and commitment.

A retrospective of 2023 was presented, offering a deep analysis of the milestones and achievements throughout the year, highlighting successful projects, strategic partnerships, and events. The retrospective not only celebrates successes but also provides valuable insights to guide the company's future path.

The talk shows addressed important issues such as female leadership, gender and racial diversity, and the coexistence of different generations in the workplace. Participants shared their experiences and perspectives, prompting reflection on these crucial themes for the company's future.

The event also reserved a moment for a lecture by philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé, providing a unique analysis of contemporary issues. The closing party concluded CET Day in style, offering a relaxed environment for everyone, featuring performances, music, and other activities to create a memorable experience.

CET Day was a unique journey for each member of our team. Together, we are CET LOGISTICS!


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