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If you are looking for an opportunity to develop your career, grow, be recognized, and work with a team of professionals who are a reference in the market, you have the CET LOGISTICS profile.

We are a company that values intellectual capital and believes in the development of our professionals, with respect and long-term relationships.


CET LOGISTICS believes in the union of education, the world of work, and social practice as agents

of transformation, consolidating the preparation for the exercise of citizenship and promoting

the social inclusion of young people in the job market. Our programs are constantly updated

to ensure our commitment to society.

Jovem Aprendiz
Young Apprentice Program

Start your professional career at CET LOGISTICS!

The Young Apprentice Program has as its main objective the social inclusion of young people in the job market, aiming at the development of theoretical and practical competencies that help in the preparation for the world of work.

The project benefits those who want to conquer their first job. CET LOGISTICS is committed to the social inclusion of young people in the job market and wants to help you take that first step.


Come and experience this


The internship is the student’s first contact with the job market in their chosen area of ​​activity. This experience is an important ally to the undergraduate course, helping in the process of development and learning.

CET LOGISTICS has partnerships with

several universities and, to support you in this challenging moment, has created the

Talent Bank, don’t miss out and register

your resume.

Self-Candidacy Opportunity

Go to the next level of your career within CET LOGISTICS!

OPA is our internal recruitment program, which aims to value our professionals.

The program gives our employees the chance to grow or change their area if they envision an opportunity to develop their own career within CET LOGISTICS.

Marcela Souza

"A piece of advice for those who want to develop within the company is to show proactivity, know how to listen, and not settle. I started as a young apprentice, and now I am already an Auxiliary."

Young Apprentice Program

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-10 at 09.41.46 (1).png
Bruna Leta

"I started as a legal department intern 14 years ago and now I am the Customs Clearance Operations Manager and Legal Adviser. Here, we have the opportunity to develop professionally, as well as the chance to achieve new positions and challenges."

Internship Program

Duane Carvalho

"I started as an intern, and professionally, it was a turning point in my life. It was at CET where I was able to truly consolidate my knowledge and learn more about the financial area, which is my interest."

Self-Candidacy Opportunity

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