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Oil is composed of a complex combination of hydrocarbons, obtained from fossil deposits at the bottom of the sea or at great continental depths. Even as oil, gas results from the degradation of organic matter, fossils of prehistoric animals and plants, and is extracted from the earth through drilling. CET LOGISTICS is a reference in the oil and gas segment, serving the largest industries in the sector.



Technology is part of the evolution of companies, since the industrial revolution in the mid-18th century, which resulted in a profound impact on the production process, reaching both economic and social levels, as in the continuous process of technological evolution and innovation of the century we live in. CET LOGISTICS, keeping up with the constant changes in this technological segment, presents practical solutions through fast operations and competitive prices.


Energy generation in the world is mainly summarized by traditional energy sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, but they will inevitably be replaced in the future. CET LOGISTICS, facing market advances, has specialized in various renewable energy sources, developing technical and effective solutions to meet your project.



CET LOGISTICS works in partnership with

its clients and successfully meets

the dynamics of the retail trade, allowing

for the reduction of logistics chain costs,

so that your business becomes

increasingly competitive.


CET LOGISTICS has a personalized solution for this type of industry, capable of offering integrated door-to-door logistics services, improving the visibility of your logistics chain, and generating maximum efficiency through risk minimization and punctuality, from the production plant to

the final destination.



CET LOGISTICS presents the appropriate solution for your success, with a team of pharmaceutical logistics specialists with profound knowledge of local and international regulations, and intelligent software capable of adapting

to your business.

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