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CET LOGISTICS has global reach, serving the logistics needs of our clients anywhere in
the world.

Our international offices and hubs are located in Houston/USA, Rotterdam/Netherlands, and Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, and currently CET LOGISTICS is on a journey of expansion as part of our group strategy.

We operate through our own offices in the USA, Netherlands, and Brazil, rapidly growing within the leading logistics providers.



The concept of logistics hubs has been a trend in modern logistics.



CET LOGISTICS believes that operational excellence is a continuous journey, and our goal is to strive for perfection so that we can always be at the desired level of service quality that our clients demand.

Our Hub Concept is complemented by carefully formed alliances with specialized partners located in strategic locations such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Middle East. This coverage allows us to provide optimized services for an industry with unique and critical logistics requirements.

In practical terms, it serves to cover the logistics flows of strategic locations, thinking about multiple routes for the distribution of goods, both nationally and internationally. Such a concept optimizes logistics as a whole, not only meeting requirements but also reducing overall costs.

In addition, there are additional benefits to implementing a hub concept, such as ensuring the timely movement of material requirements from the supply origin to the final delivery destination, including managing logistical risks for remote global locations.

We are ready to serve you
wherever you are.

North and Central America
South America
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