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Safety First - Prioritizing the Safety of Our Employees

"Safety First" is not just an expression; it's a philosophy that guides every step at CET.

In the CET universe, safety is a constant priority, and this is reflected in our annual training programs. This December, we concluded a comprehensive training that brought together two critical areas: first aid and firefighting.

During the training, we highlighted the essential role of CIPA (Internal Accident Prevention Commission) and QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) in our organizational culture. These units are crucial to our commitment to safety and play a vital role in implementing best practices.

Participants absorbed valuable lessons on prevention, risk identification, and, most importantly, how to respond in emergencies. The training not only strengthened technical skills but also cultivated a proactive safety mindset in every team member.

We will continue to invest in training, equipment, and practices to ensure the safety of all employees.

Together, we build a safer environment, prepared to face any challenge.


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