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"Festa Junina" CET LOGISTICS

On June 30th, CET Brasil held a vibrant June festival, filled with fun, typical food and drinks, and, of course, the famous quadrilha dance.

But what is a “festa junina”?

The June festival is one of the most traditional and popular celebrations in Brazil, held during the month of June. It originated from European festivities, particularly Portuguese ones, which marked the arrival of summer and were dedicated to the Catholic saints São João, Santo Antônio, and São Pedro. Over time, it adapted and incorporated elements of Brazilian culture, becoming a unique celebration in the country.

June festivals are known for their typical features such as dances, music, food, and thematic decorations. People dress in "caipira" attire, wearing straw hats, colorful dresses, and checkered shirts. These "arraiais," as these parties are called, take place in schools, churches, clubs, squares, and even in companies with the entire team, just like at CET.

Images of the party. Click to view in enlarged size.

One of the main attractions of this festival is the dances, such as the quadrilha. The quadrilha is a dance of French origin that was adapted in Brazil, where participants form pairs and two lines, switching partners throughout the dance.

Traditional June songs, such as "Pula a Fogueira" and "Olha Pro Céu," are sung by everyone, creating a festive and lively atmosphere.

Gastronomy plays an essential role in these festivities. Typical foods are rich in flavors and aromas, with a highlight on corn, which is a key ingredient in recipes such as pamonha, canjica, curau, popcorn, and corn cake. In addition, other foods like "quentão" (a hot drink made with cachaça, spices, and ginger) and "pé-de-moleque" (a sweet made with peanuts and rapadura) are also greatly appreciated.

The decoration is characterized by rustic and colorful elements, such as paper flags (at CET, paper reuse took place to be subsequently sent for recycling) bonfires, and more.

In summary, the June festival is a popular Brazilian celebration that combines joy, music, dance, gastronomy, and the appreciation of the country's cultural roots.

Here at CET, our June festival provided a festive and welcoming environment, bringing our team together to celebrate culture, tradition, and strengthen bonds.


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