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CET LOGISTICS was present at the Repetro Seminar: Advancing in the Oil and Gas Market

CET LOGISTICS at the Repetro Seminar.

On June 1, 2023, the city of Rio de Janeiro hosted a seminar on Repetro, a topic of utmost importance in the OIL & Gas market.

CET LOGISTICS was present at this significant event, represented by its Customs Clearance Manager and Legal Adviser, Bruna Leta, along with her team of Repetro specialists, aiming to stay updated and provide excellent logistics solutions to the sector.

The seminar's theme was "Repetro: History and Current Developments" and featured renowned professionals in the field. The session was chaired by Gabriela Aguiar Amarante Souki, an attorney at Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados Associados and a postgraduate student in Tax Law at FGV Direito Rio.

The speakers provided valuable insights into Repetro and its fundamental aspects. Tom Pierre Fernandes da Silva, a Tax Auditor at the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, discussed the historical background of Repetro and related regulations, from IN SRF 136/1987 to IN 1781/2017, including Repetro Sped.

Gabriel Penna Rocha, a senior lawyer specializing in tax and customs law at Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados and a postgraduate in Tax Law from FGV Direito Rio, addressed issues related to Repetro-Sped and decommissioning. He explored the possibility of an additional deadline for the termination of the regime, admissions during the period, and the option of termination through destruction.

Amanda Pires, a bachelor's degree holder in International Relations from Estácio and a postgraduate in Foreign Trade and Customs and Tax Law from PUC, highlighted the challenges of the Drawback and Repetro Industrialization regimes and their implications for companies. She emphasized the importance of an efficient management and control system, as well as the necessary accounting records for success in this regime.

CET LOGISTICS' participation is committed to evolving and staying at the forefront of logistics solutions, utilizing advanced technologies to meet the demands of the OIL & Gas market. We are proud to participate in events like this that promote knowledge dissemination and the pursuit of continuous improvement in the industry.


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