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Job Rotation: Learning, Diversity, and Growth

CET LOGISTICS believes that an excellent way to harness the skills and competencies of internal professionals is through the implementation of Job Rotation, which is a strategy embraced by managers for the development and empowerment of the company's talents.

With this approach, employees become more versatile professionals, capable of assuming diverse roles, which adds value to the business as a whole. This occurs as they concurrently develop their career plans, thereby contributing to the appreciation of the workforce while aligning individual needs with organizational objectives.

As time progresses, the organization begins to rely on more generalized professionals, without, however, neglecting their specialized tasks. By traversing various sectors, employees gain a comprehensive and profound insight into the business as a whole.

Between April and July, two employees from the pricing department had the opportunity to participate in CET-promoted Job Rotation, structured by the Director of Strategic Planning, Danielle Grandini. The program lasted for a month per person, during which the employees had the chance to experience activities in various sectors, including expediting, account coordination, warehousing, road transportation, and air and sea transportation for import and export. The program concluded with two technical site visits, one to the Triunfo Cargo Terminal and the other to the Rio Galeão International Airport.

In an interview, the participants shared their experiences of being part of the program:

"...Participating in Job Rotation was extremely enriching for me, both in terms of getting to know each person's role within the company better, as well as understanding who to turn to for assistance or insights on particular matters. It also helped me gain a deeper understanding of the overall cargo agency operation flow. Now, post-Job Rotation, I can move from theory to understanding the operational aspect of the process in practice. This has added significant value to my work, as I can now visualize details or anticipate potential bottlenecks that I was unaware of before. Alongside being able to price services more accurately, the transition from Commercial to Operational flows more organically. ...The site visits were incredibly interesting, as they provided us access to parts of the operation we don't usually have. For instance, understanding the process cargo undergoes from its entry into Brazil until it's cleared for collection, the equipment used, the required time, any special conditions we need to consider when crafting proposals for clients."

- Mariana Motta, Pricing Analyst.

"...Today, after learning how the process steps work in practice, I see that Job Rotation has greatly impacted my daily work routine. I feel I have a clearer understanding of the process development, possess knowledge of information I previously didn't, and can now view the operational needs from a different perspective. I'm certain that this experience has been immensely valuable for my professional and personal growth, as it was a period of significant learning where I could exchange experiences and acquire more knowledge. ...The site visits were marvelous! We had the opportunity to understand how Terminals function, from administrative to operational aspects. We witnessed operations happening live, saw the logistics and processes of receiving, storing, and releasing cargo for imports and exports up close."

- Luana Oliveira, Pricing Assistant.

Job Rotation is, therefore, a type of continuous training with specific direction and objectives. Its purpose goes beyond enhancing the skills employees already possess, as they are placed in new roles and activities, enriching their experiences and contributions even further.


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