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Recap of the "Spread Happiness" Christmas Campaign at CET

The Christmas spirit embraced CET in December, marking the start of the campaign "Donate Happiness: CET and You in the Christmas Spirit." In partnership with the Beneficial Association Elikya Project (ASBEPE), we aimed to transform Christmas into a moment of generosity and solidarity.

- Noble Goal: Raise to Transform

The CET community joined forces to collect as many necessary items as possible. The goal was clear: make Christmas extra special for those who need it the most. Employees accessed available donation lists, contributing what they could. A healthy competition emerged among groups, each striving to outdo the other in fundraising. The promise of a surprise gift for the group that raised the most added an extra dose of motivation. It was a spirited competition, and in the end, everyone was a winner for contributing to such a noble cause.

- Sponsor a Child

This special initiative added a personal and meaningful touch to the campaign.

- Result: 164 Sponsored Children

As the campaign concluded, we celebrated the extraordinary achievement of sponsoring 164 children from the ASBEPE Association. Each act of generosity contributed to creating a brighter Christmas for these children. The "Donate Happiness" campaign not only collected valuable items but also warmed hearts and strengthened the bonds of solidarity at CET. We thank all employees who made this campaign a true success. May this spirit of generosity continue to guide us in all moments. Together, we make a difference.


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