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What is a project cargo?

Project cargo refers to all those cargoes whose dimensions, size, and weight are outside the standard for shipment in conventional containers. Usually, these cargoes include items such as riser joints, pipes, reactors, turbines, transformers, generators, cranes, platforms, entire power plants, wind turbine blades, and other large equipment.

What is the recommended mode of transportation?

Typically, maritime transport is the most suitable for international operations. The primary reason is that this mode of transportation has the highest capacity, considering the weight and dimensions of the cargo being moved. Air transport is commonly used when the cargo requires guaranteed security and quick transit times between origin and destination. For air transport of project cargo, specific aircraft are more suitable based on the dimensions and weight of the products in question. Road transportation is a stage in the logistics chain that is always involved since it is used to move the cargo to the port of departure and from the port of arrival. In some cases, this movement is carried out by barges.

What are the logistics requirements for project cargo?

The logistics of project cargo demand expertise in delivering differentiated solutions to meet the requirements of large-scale and highly complex projects. It is a service that requires a team with experience in complete logistics management and a deep understanding of geographical areas and infrastructure limitations.

What does CET offer?

CET LOGISTICS understands the complexity of project cargo logistics and has structured its department with experts with experience and technical knowledge in engineering.


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