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Agility and precision in delivery wherever you are.

Air freight is an essential component of international logistics, considerably reducing transit times, and as a consequence, being the fastest means of transportation. CET LOGISTICS works with a wide variety of selected airlines to ensure that their clients have a fast, secure, and efficient planning.



Shipping your cargo by regular air freight is a fast and effective method for moving items that must be delivered within a short time frame. Our air freight experts will provide tailor-made solutions to solve your business challenges.



When your cargo needs priority, speed, and special treatment, we have the option of prioritary air freight to meet your needs. Our experts will work with you and your logistics team to provide the fastest and safest solution.



When the transit time of your cargo to the final destination is not crucial, CET LOGISTICS can provide the consolidation service at a competitive cost.



This type of transportation requires a careful analysis to ensure that all steps occur properly, safely, and efficiently, guaranteeing the integrity of your cargo. CET LOGISTICS has a dedicated project team offering the best solution for your challenging demands.



Global oil company with significant operation in Brazil.



  • Equipment of 4.17 meters in height with 52 tons collected in the United Kingdom and delivered in 48 hours in Brazil

  • Risk of operation stoppage and consequent loss of contract

CET Customized Logistics Solution:

  • Charter of Antonov 225 aircraft

  • Monitoring of all stages of the process, including a project specialist at the origin and destination

  • Mobile cranes of 200 tons operated in loading and unloading


  • No failure

  • Cargo arrived within the deadline

  • 100% secure operation

  • Avoided customer contract loss


  • Cargo arrived within the deadline

  • Safe operation

  • Avoided project delivery delay for the customer

Leading company in Subsea, Onshore and Offshore project segments.


  • Equipment of 20 tons collected in France, shipped from Luxembourg to Brazil

  • Risk of project delivery delay

CET Customized Logistics Solution:

  • Charter of 747 aircraft

  • Monitoring of all stages of the process, from cargo collection to delivery at its final destination

  • Customs clearance with tax benefits

Leading energy company focused on operating and maintaining floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels.


  • Cargo arrived as planned

  • The turbine was stuffed inside the container and sent for repair


  • Urgent shipment of a special container intended to transport a gas turbine from an FPSO operating in Brazil that needed to be repaired.

  • Container collected in Massa, Italy, and shipped to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


CET Customized Logistics Solution:

  • Weekly freighter

  • Monitoring of all stages of the process, from collection to customs clearance

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