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More than

25 years of experience.

Customs clearance in importation is the crucial point of your logistics operation, as it translates into the ability to anticipate errors and customs penalties.

It is the segment of the logistics flow where the highest risks are found, especially the tax risks. This activity starts long before the beginning of the customs clearance process.

Several aspects must be verified and well managed, such as planning, pre-calculations, product classification and their respective rates, anti-dumping procedures, possible trade barriers, and their respective special regimes if applicable. And all of this before the cargo leaves the origin.

All of these services guarantee success and excellence in customs procedures, culminating in the delivery of the cargo at the final destination.

CET LOGISTICS knows and understands the customs clearance business, as well as its interests and objectives inherent to this type of activity.

In addition, we recognize the critical role we play when representing our clients before regulatory agencies in different countries.

We have acquired know-how in over 25 years of existence, with the necessary credibility to understand the needs and demands of this activity.

CET LOGISTICS has professionals with over 30 years of experience in the market, as well as a diversity of specialists including customs agents, logistics experts, tax lawyers, engineers, among others, allowing for an efficient and agile customs clearance service.

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