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The CET LOGISTICS Compliance Program aims to strengthen and consolidate the ethical principles and conduct rules of the organization comprehensively, in line with the legal and regulatory practices of the intervening bodies that operate in Foreign Trade.

Demonstrating its commitment in all activities developed with customers, partners, and suppliers, as well as in the relationship with public agents, CET LOGISTICS ensures compliance, especially based on the guidelines of prohibition of offering illicit payments to public agents and the establishment of accounting rules for maintaining proper books and records of all transactions.

The Compliance Program applies the guidelines present in the Brazilian Penal Code, the Anti-Corruption Law – Law No. 12.846/2013 and Decree No. 8.420/2015, and international legislation, including the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act.

To attest to the effectiveness of its Compliance Program, the CET LOGISTICS group is certified by Tcompliance (TRACE), a globally recognized leading organization in establishing anti-bribery standards, through a rigorous process of Due Diligence analysis and approval, which demonstrates that CET LOGISTICS has been carefully analyzed, trained, and certified.


Annually, all employees, partners, and suppliers receive training to prevent and combat corruption and bribery.

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