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National Freight

The great challenge of Brazil, being a country of continental dimensions, is an efficient transportation logistics that operates in land, air and waterways modalities.

Roadway freight in Brazil is the main logistics system in the country and consequently is the largest means of transportation of cargo and passengers, becoming the largest road freight concentration between major world economies. The road network is used to dispose of 75% of production in the country, followed by maritime, air, rail, cabotage and waterway.

National air transport is an important part of Brazil's transportation system. In the era of national growth, new airlines emerged, and existing airlines were modernized, which made it possible to increase the air network. There are about 2098 airports in Brazil, including landing areas. Therefore, national air transportation is an important modal to be considered in your logistics planning.

Finally, waterway transportation makes possible the integration across the country through its water resources, being divided in the fluvial and maritime modalities. River transportation is the most economical and clean modality, however it is the least used. There are regions, however, that depend almost exclusively on this modality, as is the case of Amazonia, where the distances are long, and the roads or railroads practically do not exist.

CET LOGISTICS destined an exclusive department for national transportation with professionals capable of developing a logistics solution, appropriate to its operation. Yet, CET LOGISTICS owns a road fleet prepared for the transportation of various types of cargo.  

This makes possible to CET LOGISTICS to plan, execute and manage all stages of your supply chain, offering a distinguished service to track goods from its point of origin to its destination. 

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