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Inventory Control Systems

Inventory control is the action of controlling the quantity of products stored in any location. Ensuring minimum levels of products in your inventory is critical to controlling your company's costs. Today, with a decreasing inventory, strict control is essential.

CET LOGISTICS computerized control system was born from the necessity of the Repetro Tax Regime, since the main products subject to the temporary admission regime required an electronic 

system to identify and control the products referred to in Normative Instruction 1415, dated December 4, 2013, imported directly from abroad, as well as, those national products which would be exported through fictitious exit. It should also enable the control of the term of permanence of the products in the country - linked to the respective contracts, the liability agreements and, where applicable, the respective guarantees, the forms and dates of termination of the regime.

CET LOGISTICS uses the electronic inventory system for more than 12 years, audited by an accredited expert of the Internal Revenue Service and several times approved by it through its Clients. 

It is true that today the legislation of Repetro Sped (IN SRFB No. 1781/2017) no longer requires the system to be mandatory, however the control by the Importer is still necessary, since the Tax Sped will not contain the information of regimes and deadlines as presented through the system.

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