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Legal counsel may be provided in the administrative and jurisdictional scope through a specialist in a legal matter, to individuals, legal entities and governmental bodies, in matters pertaining to Law.

In Brazil, legal counsel can only be provided, privately, by a lawyer duly enrolled with the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), as provided by Law No. 8,906, dated July 4, 1994.
Quality legal advice is able to bring quick and forceful solutions to your business. Therefore, to ensure that the consulting is efficient, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer who is specialized in the field appropriate to your case.
CET LOGISTICS brings together lawyers with extensive experience in customs and logistic procedures, knowledgeable about the rules governing the procedures required to regulate customs clearance and freight handling.
Our lawyers have legal training, postgraduate degrees in Tax Law and Foreign Trade, which allows us to advise our clients on legal, administrative, litigation or even preventive claims. Our premise is to provide our clients with agile and efficient solutions, in compliance with current legislation. 

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