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Technology has been part of the evolution of companies since the industrial revolution in the mid-eighteenth century, which resulted in a profound impact on the productive process, reaching many economic and social levels, as well as the continuous process of evolution and technological innovation of the century we live. 

In the XXI century, we are in deep contact with cybernetics and robotization and we are getting more and more immersed in this technological environment. This evolution encompasses from the very beginnings to the present day, where, in relation to the past, this evolution has gradually increased its rhythm. Therefore, it can be said that technology is becoming increasingly essential to the life of all human beings. 

The digital world has evolved, proving that there is a whole potential for development by companies that need to adapt to the new business models, where technology must be part of the organizational basis of several areas. 

In order to get ahead in the race for technological advancement, Brazil has developed government policies in which foreign companies interested in investing in the country are favored through various tax incentives granted by the Brazilian government at municipal, state and federal levels.  Among these incentives we find REPES - Special Taxation Regime for Information Technology Services (IT) Export Platform. 

This special taxation regime was designed to favor companies that exclusively carry out activities of software development or provision of information technology services

In order to meet the constant changes of this technology sector, CET LOGISTICS presents practical solutions, with fast operations and competitive prices.