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The automotive industry has followed the outsourcing phenomenon, with components being produced in various parts of the world, further increasing the complexity of the supply chain.

New market strategies aim to gradually reduce inventory, which is why timely and efficient supply chain management has become an essential element for the industry.

One of the peculiarities of this industry, which requires an excellent level of service delivery, is that clients every day require dynamic, efficient and competitively priced operations. It is essential that your logistics partner provide support for the automotive industry to create supply chains that can be changed quickly without suffering losses, allowing the automaker to be free to focus on its internal activities, optimizing its processes and ensuring more quality in its products.

CET LOGISTICS has a tailored solution for this type of industry, capable of offering integrated door-to-door logistics services, improving the visibility of your logistics chain, generating maximum efficiency, through risk minimization and punctuality, from the manufacturing plant to the final recipient.