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Título: XVII IBEF Oil, Gas & Energy Forum 2023: Reflecting on the Challenges of Energy Transition

On June 2, 2023, the Hotel Prodigy Santos Dumont hosted the XVII IBEF Oil, Gas & Energy Forum at its convention center. The event featured the presence of Bruna Leta, Legal Adviser and Customs Clearance Manager, and the Sales team, both from CET.

Bruna Leta (Legal Adviser and Customs Clearance Manager) and the CET Sales Team at the XVII IBEF Oil, Gas & Energy Forum.

It is a global consensus that energy transition is the main agenda in the energy sector. While decarbonization was rapidly gaining momentum in the recent past, the post-pandemic period and Russia's invasion of Ukraine have intensified concerns about energy security, further highlighting the importance of the oil market for society.

Energy transition in Europe faces significant challenges as the prioritization of countries' energy security has become a necessity. These manifestations are not isolated and indicate that opinion leaders have begun to raise awareness about the need for a gradual, planned, and sustainable transition.

Never before have radical changes impacted the oil and gas sector in such a short period. These developments have raised profound dilemmas such as: Which path should be followed? How can we anticipate the future in the present moment?

Reflecting on these topics, questioning the variables, and integrating the future into present decisions to ensure energy security were the main themes discussed at the XVII IBEF Oil, Gas & Energy Forum 2023.

CET LOGISTICS is always actively participating, studying, and reflecting on global events in the logistics sector in order to provide our clients with the best technology and market innovation.


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