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CCT - Cargo and Transit Control

The Air Cargo Control System (CCT Aéreo) is the Cargo Control and Transit module of the air mode that will replace Siscomex Mantra, which has been in operation for over 25 years. Cargo and transit control constitute one of the pillars of customs control and encompass one of the most sensitive aspects of foreign trade, which deals with the operationality of transportation and logistics and its relationship with the government.

The new system aims to integrate corporate systems of companies with the Single Foreign Trade Portal, enabling fast, secure, and transparent communication. By providing advance electronic information in accordance with the international standard adopted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the goal is to increase process efficiency, aiming to reduce up to 80% of the air cargo release time in imports, from its arrival in Brazil to its final delivery to the importer. CET LOGISTICS has participated in the entire implementation process of CCT and is now ready for this transition.

CET LOGISTICS participated in the entire CCT implementation process and is now ready for this transition.

Pay attention to the new regulation! RFB Normative Instructions nº 2143/2023 and 127/2023, which provide for computerized customs control of the movement of vehicles and cargo at customs airports.

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